The one about making money from ads

First-time app publishers that watch some of my online courses on app marketing often have a genius idea. Make an app. Get millions of downloads. Make millions from annoying those users with ads.  This sounds all good until you understand how hard it is to get million users for an app AND how little ads actually pay. Google AdMob is the most popular ad platform you can use for your app. 

(This is an excerpt from my latest book on Rapid App Store Optimization and Marketing, coming out on 30th of July, 2019) 

Quick story from my friend Sebastian who has a simple name-day app with ads in it. He published the app just for fun, in a very small market, but it’ll give you an idea of the numbers you can expect. Also, the price you get paid for the ads depends on your audience – location, age, etc. So do your own research. 

Sebastian’s name-day app has about 8.000 MAUs (monthly active users) consistently. There is a small percentage of core users that open the app every day. The app has been out for a few years and he does no marketing and it shows ads to users with AdMob. 

8.000 MAU users is no record-shattering number, but for first-time app publishers, it can be surprisingly difficult to reach thousands of monthly active users. Sebastian earns about $50 / month from advertising in this app. Certainly no Wolf Of Wall Street money, maybe a nice latte budget. 

Like I said, ad revenue will depend on a lot of factors, but this might give you some ball park idea. 

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