The one about getting featured in the US App Store

As you know, getting featured in an important market like the US can be a huge boost to your growth / marketing efforts. I’ve never had an app featured before but a week ago,  we struck a gold mine and got featured. We’re highlighted within the New Year New Me campaign which lasts for almost 3 weeks. January is already the biggest month for us since we’re in the Health & Fitness category. This additional boost will make it a very good year for us. This is how we got the feature:

The App Store is not a democratic marketplace. Think of it like a magazine. Getting featured in the US is the cover. There are App Store Editors (actual job) in all major markets and they hand-pick each app. The thing is, they don’t pick the app with most downloads, or highest ratings. It’s much more relationship based.

Back in October I reach out to every single relevant person that worked for App Store and tried to start a conversation / relationship. Some people responsible for our market got back to me which eventually led to a meeting.

They were great, wanted to get to know our business, our plans and gave us a ton of tips and suggestions on how to improve our app, App Store presence and the business overall. Apple is a company like any other. Their goal is to make money. If your app makes more money, their 30% cut will also be bigger so it’s in their best interest that you make money.

Apple never guaranteed us any features, but they told us that if we did x,y,z, it would increase our chances of getting featured….Fast forward two months, few meetings and back-and-forth emails, we got an official request to submit “feature artworks”

This still doesn’t mean you’re getting feature for sure, but it’s probably very likely. We quickly submitted the required graphics. After a few phone calls from the US and adjustments to our pricing, we were delighted to wake up on 01.01.2019 and see our app at the top of the App Store.

This obviously boosted our downloads and our App Store rank went from #50 (which is already pretty good because we were #200 six months ago), to #30.

As a result of this feature, we’re getting more requests for artworks for other App Store editors.

In conclusion, getting features depends much more on personal relationships with the right App Store Editors that you might have thought. Of course you have to have a great app and business….that’s the prerequisite for this whole thing. Apple wouldn’t talk to us if we didn’t have a great product with amazing traction. We reached 1.000.000 users just two weeks before we got featured. But Apple wants you to succeed so if you have something worthy of sharing, definitely open LinkedIn and start reaching out to relevant people.

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