The one about ad platforms

Running app instal campaigns at scale on social platforms, you get the obvious choice of using the platform’s native ad network. IG / FB for business or Snap Ad Platform.

I see that there are certain agencies that can get around the ad platforms and deliver great results. I wonder if there is a slow shift happening.

One agency I spoke with recently runs successful app install campaigns without using the ad platform.

My experience with Snap ads was that I could get very low cost pre impression / swipe-up (lower than IG), but the actual cost per install was much higher. End conversion to a paying subscriber was significantly worse than traffic from other sources.

So these agencies run ads on Snap through their own network of channels:

  • channels they have built up from scratch
  • channels they bought
  • or channels they have affiliate deals with

From the numbers it looks like they get much cheaper cost per impression and cost per install. I guess the quality of the install (and the price ultimately), depends on how well they match the brand with the ad and with the channel / influencer.

I have yet to try this, but it makes sense. It’s like a mix between influencer agencies, creative agencies and performance marketing agencies. If they can do all of that cost-effectively, I’m in. Take my money.

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