The one about focus

Getting a startup off the ground is hard. It doesn’t happen very often. If you’re a founder, you’re lucky if it happens once in your life that you build a successful business. Most never do.

Once you start getting some traction it is exciting to watch the numbers grow every day. If you hit product market fit, whole new world opens up. That’s what happened to us. This is also the first biggest trap of product-market fit – I think. Getting distracted.

Our app is getting downloads, people are buying premium, we’re collecting email address and we’re confident. Start thinking about introducing e-commerce, using this email address, affiliate, building new verticals, accompanying apps, etc.

I assume this is also how a lot of companies who see a glimpse of success die quickly. There are so many temptations after you crack the first problem of product market fit.

No conclusion here, just a reminder to stay focus and keep building a solid business foundation before getting fancy and introducing new product, hiring too many people and running after opportunities.

Of course there is a balance. You need to manage the business you’re in right now and the one you’re going to be running in 2 – 5 – 10 years. Things are changing fast. Balance.

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