The one about professional vs. “selfie” ads

We’re running tons of ads on Facebook and Instagram (tried Snap, but didn’t get good enough results). We had a hypothesis for improving ad relevance and lowering prices. If you can produce ads that looks like native content, you should get better conversions.

We paid a bunch of micro-influencer small amounts of money. Less than $100. This got us small distribution on their profile, but more importantly, rights to the video content which was a selfie-style video of that person talking to the camera about the product. It looks like a friendly recommendation.

To test this hypothesis we also produced video that looked like ads. Motion graphics, screen recordings, the typical app download campaigns. After few weeks of testing we got pretty clear, although somewhat surprising results.

In all Western markets (US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe), the selfie videos performed much better on pretty much every channel, placement and distribution. The surprising thing was that in most of the Asian markets, the produced ads performed better. Mainly in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia. I thought that was peculiar. Don’t know exactly what in the Asian culture makes the produced ads work better. In the western world it’s pretty clear that selfie ads seemed more honest. More like a recommendation from a friend, rather than an ad. (even though it is visible that such video is sponsored).

We will keep testing different content types in different markets, but this gives us a great insight into the Asian markets and how to proceed.

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