The one about male vs. female influencers

I’ve been running micro-influencer campaigns for a few months now. Looking for male and female influencers on YouTube and Insta.

I think that male influencers are overvalued right now. Rather, they are overvaluing themselves. When negotiating prices, female influencers almost always agree on a price that is way lower than male. I mean, half the price or less.

Just to clarify, this is at micro-influencer scale. I’m talking 10.000 – 50.000 followers on Instagram (engaged).

Once you hit bigger scale, influencers have managers and teams of people. I see that at 500.000+ followers on YouTube, you’ll be speaking with a “talent manager”. The value is more clear and pricing becomes much more equal.

Screenshot 2018-10-26 at 16.18.12

From my experience, that has been the most annoying thing. Having to negotiate with “talent manager” that’s based in L.A. and seems (from my experience), like he / she represents Johnny Depp. For a performance-based marketer, this artsy-type of negotiation can be frustrating. Anyways.

I can easily find female, micro-influencers at 20.000 followers or less and pay $50 – $100 for a Story and keep the rights to the content (because I will be running ads against things content which convert crazy good). For men, they won’t even answer my email for $100 – $200 offers.

We are lucky that our product is aimed mainly at women and 90% of our current users are female. I wanted to test out men. It might also be the case that men consider the product “too girly”, but I don’t think it’s likely. It could easily be used by both genders, we just did most of our targeting to women.

In my opinion, men just think they deliver more value than they do. I do think the value is questionable. At least in direct, performance-based ROI. Long-tail influencers for branding are probably the way to go, but that’s not easy to measure and makes me uncomfortable.

Even for female micr-influencers the direct ROI is questionable, and I probably wouldn’t be doing nearly as many campaigns, if I couldn’t keep the content and make ads from it.

That’s the reason why I don’t need a content team creating new stuff every week, just need to keep the pipeline of long-tail IG micro-influencers. The branding will hopefully pay off in the future. In the short-term, my ad conversations do pay off.

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