The one about Snapchat ads

Snapchat is not doing that great right now on the user side, but I wanted to try and run an experiment to buy Snap ads. At the end, the Cost Per Swipe was lower than our usual Cost Per Click on other platforms (Facebook, Instagram), however the actual cost to get a user was higher. So it seems like the quality of traffic wasn’t as good.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 5.22.48 PM
*Snap Ad Manager

Snap audience seems like the perfect audience for our product demographically, but I was surprised that the price was just not good enough.

One issue I had with he Snap Ad Manager was that the lowest daily budget for a campaign is $50. I think that’s too high. Snap is a new ad platform. You have to run a lot of different tests to find out what creative, CTAs and markets work best. $50 per one experimental campaign is more than I’d like to pay which is why I didn’t experiment as much here.

One nice thing about Snapchat is that they have created a lot of tutorials about what kind of creatives work best, what CTA, how to use video, etc. That makes it easier to predict what will work best.

I think the issue with Snap ads is that the audience is not really in discovery mode. When you’re using snapchat you’re expecting to be intimately communicating with your friends. You’re not looking for new experience or inspiration like on Instagram. I tried using Snap-native content. Hiring micro-influencers to create selfie-style videos that seemed like your friend is sending you a message, but I didn’t have big success here either.

In conclusion, I might return to Snap in the future at a different scale, but for now I can’t justify spending any of my ad budget on Snap if I can get 25% – 50% cheaper CPA on other platforms.

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