The one about automating FB & IG ads

Our ad prices are below average and we’re scaling. Acquiring a couple thousand new users through paid ads every day. Spending more and more money each does and the price is not going up yet so there is room the grow.

We have a set of audience which we refresh every 3 weeks. We then refresh the creatives (mostly videos right now) every 2 weeks or so. Right now we have 10 – 15 campaigns. Each campaign holds 5 – 20 ad sets. Each ad set then has 5 – 20 ads. This results in several hundred ads.

We work with influencers to get content (we pay them to make a video and then own the rights to re-distribute). This means that every week or I have some new creatives. I usually want to try this new creative in every campaign and every ad set.

Right now, it’s possible to duplicate an ad into every ad set in any given campaign, but you can’t do it to all campaigns. There might be some conflicts due to distribution (like if you’re uploading a vertical video to an ad set that only holds IG feed videos, it won’t work) so you’ll have to manually delete any drafts that don’t publish.

This means that putting up one single video into every campaign and ad set can take 30 – 60min. That seems like a lot of time for a silly task to me.

I wonder if there is a better way. Today I just started playing around with AdEspresso which got my curiosity. It seems like you can create tons of ads and combinations in many ad sets. If it’s true, it’s definitely worth the $49, since they will also optimize and re-distribute the budget to best-performing creatives, sets and campaigns. Will let you know if they can save me more then $49 / month.

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