The one about improving ASO keyword ranking through Search Ads

There are 3 – 5 important keywords for our app. The keywords that get high traffic, where we have a reasonable chance of being in the top 5 and the ones that bring quality users (aka people that are likely to pay for a subscription).

On the single most important keyword in the App Store, we’ve been stuck in number #5. No matter what we do, we’ve been at the same place. Our 2 biggest competitors have also been stagnant. Being featured in “New Apps We Love” didn’t move this position even for a day. Double our ad-spend on FB & IG also didn’t do anything.

If I could get us to #1, my hypothesis is that there would be significant increase in organic traffic.

One strategy I’m trying is to run Search Ads for the exact match of that keyword [keyword]. I am willing to pay double or even triple the normal CPA, if get’s me higher in the rank of this word. Hell if this works, it would be worth a lot more money than just 2 x CPA. I am paying so much because I’m willing to outbid the competition on this one.

I don’t know if they’re running Search Ads. When I manually visit the App Store and search the keywords, I can’t see them…but is there a way to find out if they run any Search Ads in any markets? Note to self: check tools for this.

I’ve been running these expensive for about two weeks now. No changing in ranking yet. If rank moves even one position, I will do another post and update you. I don’t know what else (that’s in my control) will move up this rank.

Fingers crossed.

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