The one about volatile Facebook ads

In the last week we have experience data tour Facebook ads, more specifically Instagram ads got very cheap. Most companies have cheaper or more expensive days throughout the week so you probably have to adjust your budget to spend more on the good days. However this week was very cheap and what is usually our most expensive day, was comparable to our cheapest days on any other give day.

I didn’t make any drastic changes to the ads. Of Cours we ran a few experiments for creatives, placements, target groups etc, but nothing big. I am having a hard time finding the reason why the ads are so cheap suddenly.

More interestingly, the price difference is more significant in certain markets so it’s not the whole platform.

I wonder if the algorithm changes are effecting my prices or any of the experiments had bigger impact than expected. The only bigger test I ran was using more ad placements (facebook stories, news feed, messenger, etc.). This was supposed to provide more diversification and hopefully also decrease prices, or at least keep the same prices while giving me more options to scale. (We’re at a point where I’m increase ad budget daily and the prices aren’t effected much yet).

Hard to say if my diversification lead to lower prices or it’s just algorithm fluctuations. I guess I can test this out by going back to the original placement for a few days and see if the prices rise again, but there are so many other variables effecting the price, I’m not sure if it would be entirely valid data.

For now, I will keep the placement and keep waiting the prices (several times a day), to see if there are the usual ups and downs during a week.

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