The one about native ads being too click-baity?

Native ads…the “recommended articles” on the bottom of some interesting article you just read on Forbes. I wonder if it’s too clickbaity.

The articles always look too scammy. Do they work for Growth? You can get a ton of traffic and impressions that way so it’s pretty good at scale, but the minimum starting cost is also pretty high. Around $5.000 I think.

The strategy I’m choosing is to hire 3 – 5 influencer bloggers to write articles about our app. I will then drive traffic to these articles using native advertising.

The benefit of this is that it seems like a more genuine article, not self promotion so you gain people’s trust, but on the other hand it’s an extra step and the question is, what’s the conversion rate of landing on the article, to click on the link, to downloading the app and finally paying for a subscription. Can this justify my large spending to get millions of impressions?

Not sure if we’re big enough for this. Paid acquisition is so cheap for us at this stage that the economics may not be reasonable for us to do native. It’s wort a test to gain experience. I will do an experiment.

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